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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 17, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc new information on a horrific shooting.. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm kristen sze pittsburg police say the children with the unindepended victims of a beginning where. amy hollyfield is live at the family home with where she spoke with the man whose daughter was having a birthday. >> reporter: he can't believe this happened. his daughter was celebrating her third birthday. beginning members showed up and were targeting someone at the party who is in a gang. they missed him, but shot four people, including a 9 year old girl.
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the family has been too scared to come out and finish cleaning up. there is still evidence that children were here, having fun. there are also bullet holes now in the garage door. police believe the bullets were fired out of a semi-automatic handgun while people were hanging out in front of the house. >> i pushed my mom to the ground and i go inside i say go back everybody. i'm scared. >> reporter: hector says his 9-year-old these was shot in the arm and his 17-year-old cousin was shot in the chest. the 18 and 19-year-old men who were shot are related to his sister-in-law. he says she were visiting. all of the victims are expected to survive. >> it is scary. my family, everybody thinks [ unintelligible ] you never know. >> reporter: neighbors say the party did not seem out of control. it was a festive family event.
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>> it was a jumper here cars parked along the sidewalk. looked like they were having a good time. i was considering coming over and saying hello i got some beer. >> reporter: around 8:30, 9:00 two men walked up and started shooting. they were wearing hooded sweatshirts one had a bandana covering his face. they think one party gather is in a gang and the shooters where from a rival gang. >> guys come start shooting for no reason, i don't know why. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: police are following up on good leads no arrested have been may. this family has been living here a little over two months. now it is thinking about moving. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san jose police investigating another fatal shooting involving an officer a officer shot and killed a
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man at the back of an apartment complex while three fulltime officers and one reserve officer were responding to a return of a suspicious man with a firearm. witnesses say the suspect was trying get away in his car he was cornered by police. investigators have not said whether the suspect did have a gun this is the sixth officer involved shooting in san jose this year. three involved the deaths of suspects. san jose police officers are stationed outside of the san jose chapter of the hells angels clubhouse. they are worried about retaliation following the shooting death of one of its members. this photograph caught several men surrounding someone seconds after shots rang out at saturday's funeral for hells angels leader pettigrew, shot at a nevada casino last month. the victim this weekend is 52-year-old steve townsend. the shooter is still at large.
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hells angels are not cooperating. protesters against economic inequality may be moving around san francisco today after a physical encounter with police this morning. katie, this occupy san francisco demonstrators were camping out and that was the problem? >> reporter: it was. all morning the group occupy sf has been talking about having a 10 a.m. general assembly, at which time they would decide how they wanted to proceed. there was talk there would be a march to city hall this morning. that trickleed down to 30 minutes ago a third of the smallish group gathered here took off up market toward city hall. they've since announced they will hold a noon news conference here at the plaza. they want to talk about this morning's conflict with police which is still very much on everybody's mind. >> i got thrown on the ground, four times that i remember.
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>> reporter: multiple protesters are telling similar stories. they say they were kicked and pushed by police early this morning. one claims he went to the hospital. >> extraordinarily difficult violence is so far past here this is a peaceful situation. >> reporter: when the group moved from the federal building to herman plaza over the weekend police said they could stay, but not camp. demonstrators refused to take down tents so officers stepped in. >> we had to remove them so we can get the trucks out this was slow for the department of public works trucks, the trucks got a tire slashed. >> reporter: he says the police department is overreaching. >> we need to figure out how to use the public space to support people doing occupy sf. because they have a legitimate
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reason to protesting. >> the plan is the next 10 months. whatever it takes, we are not going away. this movement is growing this is just the start. >> reporter: there were five arrests overnight, four for people blocking the street, one for battery on a police officer. we tried repeatedly today to get further comment from the san francisco police department on this alleged battery. our calls have not been returned. katie marzullo, abc7 news. new poll shows san francisco mayor ed lee is on track to keep his interim job. the bay citizen poll shows leedom nating the field three weeks before the election. -- more than 31% say lee is their first choice under the city's voting process. city attorney herrera is second 8.5% and supervisor avellar third. if lee wins he become the
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first elected chinese-american mayor in a city that is 1/5 chinese-american and 1/3 asian. president obama is pushing congress hard to pass parts of his jobs bill as he hit the road today. karen travers has more from washington. >> reporter: president obama hit the road campaigning for his jobs bill. >> the president: too many people are looking for work. too many families are looking for that sense of security that has been slipping away for the past decade now. >> reporter: the president is on a three-day bus tour through north carolina and virginia. he won both states in 2008 winning them again next year will be a challenge. the economy is the most important issue. mr. obama's approval rate something 35% on that issue in a poll. when it comes to who voters trust more to create jobs mr. obama has a 15 point lead over congressional
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republicans. last week his jobs bill hit a roadblock. senate republicans opposed the bill as a whole. the white house says it is fine with an incremental approach. >> the president: we are going to break it up maybe they couldn't understand the whole thing at once. we are going to break it up into by the-sized pieces. >> reporter: the kickoff of the tour sounded like a campaign rally. the white house says this is official business. >> the president: i appreciate the four more years, right now i'm thinking about the next 13 months. >> reporter: republicans say it is politics as usual. >> we want the president to work with us. we want him to stop the campaigning. >> it is time the president came off the campaign trail, sat down and negotiated. >> reporter: the first item on the to-do list for congress, pass 35 billion dollars in aid so local governments can rehire teachers, police and firefighters. karen travers, abc7 news washington. the on track debt that stunned the -- the on track
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death that stunned the auto racing . also, finally getting help. researcher rescued after a week's long wait for help. .
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area of low pressure out here for days continues to sit and spin going to head towards the california coast without any rain. we'll see the cooler temperatures as the clouds associated with it as soon as tonight in terms of the onshore flow maybe mist and drizzle. and temperatures taking a hit in fact we are going from the 70s and 80s to the 60s and 70s with numbers bottoming out on wednesday. in terms suspended.
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the hackers identity still a mystery. sesame street has apologized and hopes no young viewers saw the x-rated material. >> such a terrible thing to do. >> wow, yeah. >> more ahead, including commercial space flight. a step closer to reality today.
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later today, how much do you pay for others excessive drinking? that appear more later today starting at 4:00. >> british billionaire is one step closer to his deem of commercial space flight. >> richard branson of virgin airways in albuquerque today dedicating a runway. >> the state-of-the-art facility will house virgin galactic space ships that are
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being developed in california. it has been in the works for six years. can't wait to see that happen. >> maybe you can't wait to go in space, sign me up. thank you for joining us today. >> bye-bye!
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